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Alltravel is a travel Agency located in Praia da Rocha, south Portugal, in the Algarve.
We have a multi-language team known for its friendliness and professionalism that will provide you unique experiences, help you to plan your holidays and explore the best of the Algarve and Portugal.

We provide multiple services such as transfers to/from the airport, local accommodation, apartments and holiday rentals, daily excursions, water and theme park tickets and travel packages.


My name is Ellen Joosten, I am co-founder of Alltravel.
I was born in Holland and in 1987 I decided to come and live and enjoy the beautiful sun of the Algarve. Since then and after many years working in tourism for others with great experience and great clients, in 2007 I decided to open my own business where Alltravel came about.
I started in a small office in Praia da Rocha, which was not always visible to all people. Due to my persistence, enthusiasm and the great opportunities that have appeared, I was able to create and grow Alltravel.
Nowadays we are a company that fits in all the markets related to the Tourism in the Algarve as in the rest of the country.
Welcome to our website!

My name is Carmen Dias, I am the person in charge of the management of local accommodation, houses and holiday apartments.
I was born in Portugal, I speak Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish and English. In 2014 I started to study business management at the University of Algarve, I finished the course in 2017 and started working full time at Alltravel.
Since 2012 I used to work only in the summer at night. I enjoy talking and interacting with the public, meeting and helping people.

My name is Iryna Paur, I am Alltravel‘s front-office tourism technician.
I was born in Ukraine, I speak Ukrainian, Russian, English and Portuguese. I came to Portugal at the age of 19, the beaches and the sun charmed me and since then I decided to stay here.
I work for Alltravel since 2014, I do a bit of everything, but my area is more the administration part and travel packages.

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